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We had to laugh. The apple doesn’t fall from the mature babe tree. Mother and daughter both submitted nude pics, and both said they’d be mortified if their family knew what they did with a camera! They even share fashion sense, so we thought they’d like to share a gallery.

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Sandra Ann turned 76 a few weeks ago. We don’t know about you, but we don’t know many 70somethings who have 1.) Fucked on camera while they were in their 70s; and 2.) Had a threesome (on-camera or otherwise) with two hung studs. The studs are Lucas, the first guy to fuck Sandra Ann for, and John. You might have noticed the new tattoo on Sandra Ann ‘s left breast: It says GANGBANG QUEEN, and we would have loved to see the look on the tattoo artist’s face when Sandra Ann walked into the store and asked for it. “I asked him if he wanted me to prove it,” Sandra Ann said, “but he didn’t have any of his friends around, so I just gave him a blow job as a tip.” In these photos, Sandra Ann shows off how much she loves sucking cock and balls. She takes Lucas’s huge cock in her pussy while deep-throating John. Then the guys switch positions, and Sandra Ann keeps taking all they’ve got to give her until they both cum on her face. “My only fetish is sucking cock, so this was wonderful,” Sandra Ann said. And how about that tattoo? “I’m definitely going to show these photos to my tattoo friend,” she said. “Maybe then he’ll get some of his friends together for me.” Sandra Ann . Truth in advertising.

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For a woman who isn’t a porn star and had never fucked on camera prior to her debut, 55-year-old Connie McCoy sure knows what she’s doing. Or maybe she always fucks and sucks like she does here whether there’s a camera in front of her or not. When the video opens, Connie is wearing white lingerie, garters and a garter belt. She looks very happy. “I like many different positions,” she tells us. “Many different things.” The stud plays with her tits and kisses her neck, which is usually a no-no in porn, but we’ll let it slide. Then Connie tells him, “I’d like to do something different with you today. Maybe take it up the ass.” Connie bends over to show him and us her ass, then she gets to the action. He fucks her face and she makes gargling noises, which is just what we like to hear. That porn star thing again, even though Connie isn’t. When his cock is good and hard, she squats her cunt over it so he can piston-fuck it. Connie takes it good, then she lies on her side and has him slide his cock into her super-tight asshole. We see her asshole walls going inside-out and inside again while he fucks her, and when she pulls her legs all the way back, her now-vacant pussy gapes. Shortly afterward, he turns her upside-down and fucks her ass some more. He pulls his cock out of her ass, her asshole gapes, and then he shoots his load all over her pussy and ass before he slides his cock back in. We know, we keep on saying it: This could be our hottest scene ever.

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Tanya Tate is a housewife and is also a cougar on the prowl, and she is looking for a young cub when she goes out. So she’s in the garden with her new catch, the cub Matt. She goes all out and gets the hot sex she’s been craving ever since she started to have to use wrinkle cream. But who says cougars aren’t sexy? This is one milf who makes Matt look at all mothers differenly from now on!

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This horny mama was holding a dinner party with several men at her house. When all but two of the guests left, she decided to lure them into some sex. They started making out and kissing deeply and as she sucked on their cocks, each of the guys fondled her tits. The two guys took turns fucking her pussy and they had a kinky threesome all night long.

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Jessica Sexton has a problem. She’s been called into the H.R. manager’s office at work. It seems Mr. Stone has been receiving complaints from Jessica’s co-workers about her inappropriate attire. Short skirts. See-through tops. Fuck-me pumps. No panties. You gotta figure Jessica’s jealous female co-workers are the ones doing the complaining, but Mr. Stone has a job to do, and today, he’s terminating Jessica’s employment. In regular-person speak, that means he’s firing her. Well, Jessica isn’t going to take this lying down. Actually, she is going to take it lying down, but first she’s going to get down on her knees and suck Mr. Stone’s big, black cock, then she’s going to lie on his desk and have him fuck her shaved pussy. Clearly, this isn’t appropriate behavior for an upper-management employee of a company, but wouldn’t you fuck Jessica if you had the chance? We thought so. And the next time you’re at work and see one of your sexy MILF co-workers going into the H.R. guy’s office, you’ll know what’s going on.

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Andi went to Irene’s for some after school tutoring. After ringing the doorbell and being let in by Irene in a bright pink dress, Andi thought maybe that she would learn something that they don’t teach in schools. The old school way of pleasuring a girl is something that the boys in Andi’s class don’t know how to do, so imagine her pleasure and satisfaction when experienced Irene showed her some secrets. She is coming back next week for a double lesson!